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Soak up all the sweat, blood, tears. Put them through the ringer these babies are durable! We love bandannas in the hot summer sun. Let me count the ways...

1) Keeps sun off the back of my neck...because sunburn sucks 

2) Abates wind when my jacket is cracked open. Wind burn also sucks.  

3) Wicks sweat off my skin, keeping my cool. 

4) Blow your nose, cover your cough. 

5) Make up remover wash cloth 

6) Rosie The Riveter & Pirate style turbans are rad 

7) Cover my eyes and take a rest or meditation favorite for real 

8) Sop up spills. It's OK, get it dirty. 

9) Flag Signal! Wave it if you need help on the roadside! 

10) Knee pad. Drop a knee and do a roadside repair. 

21" x  21" inches

100% Cotton  

Professionally dyed by hand in Oakland, CA and sewn in the USA. 

We only make small batches and each one is unique. Don't worry your undies won't turn hot pink. We machine wash each item as the final step in our professional dye process. We use eco practices. 

(P.S. We hope you're not loosing excess blood or tears...but hey shit happens!)