Silk Tie-Dye Scarf
Silk Tie-Dye Scarf
Silk Tie-Dye Scarf
Silk Tie-Dye Scarf
Silk Tie-Dye Scarf

Silk Tie-Dye Scarf

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Tie Dye Silk Scarf

Hand dyed silk scarf. I love the colorful expression of sacred geometry in spirals! My color inspiration comes from hiking in the forest, and watching the seasons change. This one is a burst of high contrast hues! Lime pop and nightshade dyes. Hand rolled hem. Enjoy! 

  • 30" x 30" Square 
  • 100% Silk 
  • Hand wash, air dry
  • Iron on silk setting as needed
  • Made in USA
  • Hand dyed by Karleen Eberle 

These tie-dye pieces are machine washed with detergent after they are dyed. They are color fast and professionally dyed. We recommend that you wash tie-dye scarves in cold water. 

Raven Rova's CEO, Karleen loves to get her hands dirty. She has spent over 10 years perfecting her silk hand dying techniques. A silk scarf is her number one motorcycle riding accessory, for both practical and fashionable reasons. She lives in Northern California. These tie-dye scarves are limited editions and built by hand. 


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Size Natural WaistFull HipHigh Hip/WaistbandRiseAcross ShoulderBust115.630.511729.811229.210828.6104.22897.826.7100.427.3127.231.2465.895.3852646 11 3/44411 1/242633 1/248 125012 1/442 1/211 1/4411137 1/210 1/439 1/210 3/438 1/210 1/222 39 1/25248 1/2 12 1/2CM (Metric)181139011316108851081410379.8102.9129976991095.272.295.2689 65.888.8891.468.491.420118123.295118.2 635263583626 3/436123930391037 1/228 1/237 1/222 100132.3123.3 32Size Natural WaistFull HipRiseAcross ShoulderBustSize Natural WaistFull HipRiseAcross ShoulderBust1844 1/235 3/844 1/21642 1/233 3/842 1/21440 1/231 1/240 1/22046 1/237 3/846 1/2 Inches (Imperial)37.838.439404186.44243.244.545.8473414 7/815 1/816 1/815 3/415 3/816 1/21718 1/21817 1/248 1/2Size Natural WaistFull HipHigh Hip/WaistbandHigh Hip/WaistbandHigh Hip/WaistbandRiseAcross ShoulderBust
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