Daily Grind

Daily Grind


“Good morning! How are you ?” I chime to my Kawasaki as I uncover her.

“BEEEP! BEEEP!” The Xena lock shrieks!

Ah that F’in lock! Shush!” I say, out loud. It’s OK, most of the neighbors ride too.

Oh well, we live in a big city.  The cover is barely a year old, it started black and has faded to grey. Cool.

Choke out, start.

Oh yes, it’s not a choke it’s a fuel primer. So, close it right away! 

Let her warm up.

Yeah, she’s a little cold in the mornings and takes her time. We’re a good pair. The Mikuni carburetor warms up faster than the old one, and the big bore cylinder helps too. 

She’s an unassuming, hill eating, lithe little gazelle...with a motor.

I throw my leg over the saddle, close my windshield and roll down the hill.

“Oh you wanna roll through the stop sign ? Great, do that!” The driver can’t hear me, which is unfortunate for them.

Finally the coast is clear and we take off! Feeling the throttle rev up, chomping up the first hill. Zig around child-sized potholes, zag around cars.

“Bye-bye bitches! Wee!” She hums to me as we’re tapping through the green lights.

“Buahahah! Yeah!”  Lane sharing is the best in city gridlock.

Zip, zap, and we’re here.

Wow that was fast and fun!

Tucked in snugly, under a little tree for shade. Lock engaged.

Great, time to grab a coffee before work!


“Good morning! Hey do you like to speed on your motorcycle ?” The friendly cafe dudes greets me.

“Haha, I try not to!” Big Grins. “Oh man, I need a coffee!”

These guys are great.

My daily grind is pretty good. And yeah, I still work for another company so the grind is real!


Are you a motorcycle commuter ?

I am. In fact, I have spent 10 years on a 2 wheel contraption of one form or another. Some days I opt for my bicycle. Most days I gear up and ride my Kawasaki. 

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  • Rose Johnston

    Really enjoy reading your blog excerpts, although I have no clue to what some of your jargon refers. You have a beautiful descriptive lilt in your prose that makes it easy to read and very funny. Don’t stop. There is a natural writer in you!

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