Mission Statement

Raven Rova is a fashion design house for protective motorcycle apparel. Our mission is to empower women through fashion and community. 


Raven Rova Company Values


to face fears, shed stereotypes, and combat all forms of negativity. 


is our lifeblood, we are inspired by our sisters and brothers of the road and strive to design products for protecting them.


is the reason we face those dangerous statistics, constantly wrench on our machines, and deal with helmet hair. 


to try new materials, learn new techniques, and never cease to question the status quo.


is paramount because our lives and yours depend on it. 


image of founder, Karleen on her KTM 390ADV

Raven Rova Founder Karleen Eberle

"I've been a fashion designer and rider most of my life. I got the spark from my Dad, and the motor head gene runs deep in our family on both sides. 
This Web Bike World Interview with Karleen Eberle by Amanda Quick is much more interesting than me talking about myself!"
I met Rides and Drives Founder, Harvey on a plane ride to Madison in summer of 2018. He was thrilled to hear about Raven Rova! I love the community support in the motorcycle industry!" 


Raven Rova concept was born. Research began!
We launched our first accessories and prototype gear. We began testing gear designs. We found our world class production partner with over 30 years experience. 
We tested our prototypes extensively and went into production! 
August 2019
We launched our first crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Founder Karleen was in two hit and run accidents, wearing Raven Rova gear. She walked away. 
We went into production! Falcon Pants, Falcon Jackets
January 2020 
Covid hit. We had massive delays. 
June 2020
First batch of gear finally arrived to Raven Rova HQ! The Falcon Pants and Jackets went flying to their mamma's. 
August 2020
Second batch of gear finally arrived! The Raven Pants and Phoenix Jackets.
April 2021
We started selling on Amazon!
Karleen had to relocate and get all the inventory out of her garage! 
August 2021
We hired Atomix Logistics in Milwaukee to be our warehouse team. So Karleen isn't running around like a chicken with her head cut off anymore! 
November 2021
We raised over $500 for Keep a Breast with Ride To The Warehouse! 
April 2022
We launched our second crowdfunding campaign! 

Please do reach out with any questions.

We're here to solve real world gear problems for women who ride. While we can't make your every wish come true, we can certainly make massive improvements!