Hand's On Falcon Pant Review

Hand's On Falcon Pant Review

Our buddies at WebBikeWorld give us mad props again! Thanks to Amanda Quick for this hands-on falcon pant review. Check out the photo gallery

Read the full review: Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants Hands-On Review

Some of my favorite excerpts:

"Comfort levels are fantastic for Raven Rova’s Falcon pants."

"Karleen Eberle really didn’t hold back with these pants, guys....Since the Falcon Pants were the very first of Eberle’s lineup to see our markets, RR’s founder poured all of her knowledge and know-how into this number."

"Ventilation is above typical thanks to the porous leather at the front abdomen, the front zippered vents for breathability, and the Falcon’s generous amounts of material by the hem"

"Luckily for us, Karleen Eberle – graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a woman well-versed in motorcycle gear fitment – knows a thing or two about moto clothing that can fit multiple body types, 33” inseams, thunder thighs, and all."

"the moment I began to put on these pants, I paused at the epiphany and relished the realization that these pants were not tweaked from factory designs, but lovingly tailored from scratch."

"500 Denier CORDURA® Nylon fabric (in “Midnight Blue”) is the main component, with further comfy ratings afforded in the black Keprotec®® DuPont Kevlar® stretchy material installed at the crotch (along the inner upper leg); this stuff was apparently created for motorcycle riders due to the fact that it stabilized temperatures while still affording protection and breathability"

"In total, there are four functioning pockets for the Raven Rova Falcon pants – eight, if counting the hidden interior pocket pair and the mesh that holds the knee protectors.

  • Two diagonal, zippered slash pockets at the front, both of which are lined with a water-resistant material and encased in antimicrobial mesh and secured by YKK zippers
  • Two 7”-deep gusset pockets featuring a dual-snap close
  • Two hidden mesh pockets on the pant’s interior, held closed by a square of Velcro
  • Two 9.5”/6” pockets to hold the knee armor on the inside of the pant leg"

"I love wearing Raven Rova’s gear, and not just because it sports clever fitment and the right size equation for my misfit self. RecommendingRR gear comes from full trust in the heart of the operation, which is still alive and kicking (as ever)."

Thank you Amanda and the WebBikeWorld crew for another honest and flattering review! Our buddies at WebBikeWorld keep the independent press and free spirit of motorcycles alive! Whether you're a newbie or seasoned rider please visit WebBikeWorld. 

The Falcon Pants in Midnight Blue


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