Inseam Questions Answered! Demystifying the inseam. Why our pants only come in one length.

Inseam Questions Answered! Demystifying the inseam. Why our pants only come in one length.

I get a lot of questions about inseam lengths.


Let me shed some light on the inseam problem for you. 

First, we do not plan to make shorter inseams.
"Gasp! How dare she ? OMG but I am short ? WHY NOT ?"
Yes, I hear you out there! 
Don't fret babe, we're solving a much bigger problem. Please read on. 
I'd like to educate you and help solve the problem. 

Why ? 

1) You can shorten well made pants. A tailor can shorten pants from the knee or the hem.  We can help you search for a tailor. 
2) Pants are extra long for a bent knee, riding position. So, have a seat on a chair or your bike when you try on your pants! 
3) For apparel production we must meet minimum order requirements. So, it is not financially feasible. 
4) Every human's body is unique. We won't ever hit 100% match for anyone, still if we get the critical measurements of the hip, crotch, and butt correct. 
Then length is easy for a tailor to customize. 
5) You can't wish more fabric into existence. These technical fibers, cordura, kevlar, coated leather are not available to consumers. So, a tailor can't go out and buy 1/2 a yard of 500 denier stretch cordura to extend a pant leg. 
6) The inseam is an arbitrary measurement.  Geometrically; we use the hip, waist, and crotch relationship to create the pant pattern. Then, the length of the pant is a perpendicular line from the hip line. We can only use one set of data to draw that line. Raven Rova's data comes from real women we've worked with. If you took a poll a couple years ago, you're in there. If I made you a dress 10 years ago; you're in there. Give me your data baby! ;) 

That's why we make our inseams long. 

So, finding a local, skilled tailor is the BEST solution. 

That may seem scary, like a brush off, or expensive. 

Recall, I come from a decade of tailoring couture gowns and durable items. 

Let me assure you, it is a worthwhile and effective solution. 

Every tailor gives you a consultation first. You put on the garment, and they assess. If you don't like the tailor, leave. If they can't do the work; leave. Too expensive ? Shop around. 

Women with decades of riding have go-to tailors for their riding gear. In fact, some of my favorite influencers and gear experts agree 100%. 

Quality gear, like Raven Rova, is designed to be custom tailored to fit your body.

So, if you're comparing less expensive gear that can not be tailored. Think again. Investing in gear that can be tailored to fit your body will serve you much better in the long run. 

Let me know if you want to check your measurements! 

What About the Knee Armor ?

Armor is a personal choice, the type and placement is unique to every human. 

Did you know, our Raven Pants have adjustable height knee armor pockets ? Yeah!  The CE-2 armor comes with velcro on it so it stays put. 

The Falcon Pants have an internal velcro pocket. 

Adjust Your Fit First

First, put on your boots and sit on your bike. You may be very surprised at how much that changes!

Also, consider a tailor can adjust the pocket depth for you. Chances are if the armor doesn't hit your knee, you may need the pants shortened. 

You can also take the armor out and get some MX style knee protectors. Some riders always go this way. 

Hope this helps! Ride safe, and gear up! 


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