Interview with Karleen Eberle founder of Raven Rova

Interview with Karleen Eberle founder of Raven Rova

Women riders are still underserved! Find out how I'm advocating for women riders by producing better gear. More comfortable, more stylish, and the protection you demand! 

Web Bike World's Amanda Quick cut to the heart and soul of Raven Rova. She's got a knack for capturing the juicy details and inside scoop! Read and grin. :) 


Read the Interview: Karleen Eberle, Owner And Designer Of Raven Rova Women’s Motorcycle Gear


Eberle is a giant in her own right – through her brand, Raven Rova, she has single-handedly taken on the biggest issue in the women’s motorcycle gear industry, making it her personal mission to provide a perfect fit for females across the country.

It’s hard to find someone so dedicated to quality-fitting female motorcycle gear as Karleen – and when I say it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen gear as effortlessly stylish as hers, I mean it.

I’m hankering for a chat, and she’s cushioned at the base of a large tree near Redwood Park in Mill Valley as I type this, ready to rumble.

Let’s dive in...

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