Moto Yoga Adventures

Moto Yoga Adventures

“You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.” Tom Hiddleston

We need feeling.

We need action.  

Feeling is often called the feminine or yin energy. Action you guessed it, masculine, yang energy. The truth is, we need a balance of feeling and action.

Tuesday morning I felt like I needed a good long yoga class. So, I acted! I was super adventurous and went to a different teacher’s class. The inner chatter started, “Oh but she talks differently! They don’t know MY practice!” Heaven forbid a yogi must act on their beginner’s mind, release attachment to a favorite teacher. Haha! It was great, I had a fun time and was so happy I went! I find that motorcycle riding touches all eight limbs of yoga. I'll riff on that in the future.

Meanwhile back at class...

She talked about that harmony of feeling and action. Shared a silly spoiled milk example. You open the fridge and grab the milk. Ugh! The funky smell feels wrong to the sense. Intuition says it gross. Then, you take action is to toss it. We need both in order to avoid getting sick from rotten milk,

Great, so what about riding ? 

We learn the actions. Clutch in, shift, ease clutch out. Both hands in, both feet down to stop. My point is, it takes a lot of feeling to master those movements and their variations. Your clutch has a sweet spot, “catch point.” Clearly you want to keep it tuned up and each clutch set up is unique. The cable will stretch and need adjusting over time. You may not notice because you get used to the feeling. (And yes, hydraulic clutches get worn out too.) 

This got me thinking. Am I acting from habit or intention ?

We need both.

For example, sketching is a skill and it needs to become a good habit as a designer. Otherwise you loose it, and it’s hard to articulate your vision through drawing.

Sketching with intention, for example designing moto pants if very different than doodling for fun or a coloring book. They are both critical skills. Both require dharana, focussing of attention. The sixth limb of yoga. 

So let’s look at "riding to work" versus "riding to explore." Both get you from point A to B,C,Z.

Is one ride a habit and the other an intention ?

Can’t a commute become an intention to explore as well ?

I certainly get into patterns on my regular routes.

Last week, I realized I was selling myself short.

What’s one street over ?

What if I take a different road home ?

I felt the need to honor my adventurous nature and now I am acting on it!

So, I’m riding around my favorite parts of Oakland...both my regular roads, and that mysterious one street over. I’ll be taking the Nikon (yes, a REAL camera) and photographing the amazing street art here. Then sharing with you on the social media. 

So please do follow @RavenRova on Instagram and Facebook to see the story unfold. Maybe you'll get inspired and share your photos with us too! 

When I first moved to Oakland nine years ago I felt the creative undercurrents like electricity. Art, music, stories of struggle and triumph, community, “melting pot,” fire dancers, drum circles, dragon murals! It felt alive. I knew I was home and could launch my own brand here. Raven Rova is my third business, the first two were successful, art driven adventures.

Adventure is a FEELING. Yeah, we all admire the people exploring the far reaches of the world. The truth is, each of us live in a far reach of the world! Each person you meet has walked a path, survived struggles, and has a story to tell.

Put down the phone, look around you, take that other street. Say hello to the people you meet. What do you see in your backyard ?


I’m excited to share my greater backyard with you in photos! 

Thus in conclusion....

Beginner's mind.

That’s what yoga and motorcycle riding have in common.


Karleen Eberle

CEO Raven Rova

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  • C

    Totally true!!

    FEELING is essential part of ACTION and developing feel and ATTENTION is one of the fundamentally most ENGAGING parts of motorcycle riding for me!

    The DANCE between my LIMBS, FEET, HANDS, FINGERS feels like LIBERATION.

    The ATTENTION to POSE and FORM and POSITION and ATTITUDE and the ROAD and CONTEXT and SHAPE of the WAY give me BLISS.

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