Night Rides

Night Rides

Night Rides

Dark street, not enough lights.
Keep your wits bright!

She’s been sitting a while, patiently waiting.
Clock Out. Keys Out. Put a lid on it.

ON! The headlight illuminates the dark street.
Her heartbeat is quick, air and fuel mixing up a steady rhythm.
Broadway’s dark at night. Uptown is only a state of mind despite those signs. 
We’re downtown and it’s dark.

She’s ready to move with alacrity.
Tempo and temperature are right.
She’s grooving into the night!


As the days get short and nights get long I find myself riding home in the dark. There is a calm yet sharp feeling about the city of Oakland at night. My daily commute takes me downtown. Smashed windows, stolen bicycles, and occasional arson occur. It's a big city. I keep my wits about me. I feel safe and empowered firing up my bike each night. So, I wrote her a poem. 

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