Raven Pant Review on WebBikeWorld

Raven Pant Review on WebBikeWorld

Our favorite riders at WebBikeWorld reviewed the Raven Pants. Donna gave them a good test on a long ride, and we love her point of view!

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"Right out of the box the attention to detail on the Raven pants was obvious. There are a lot of small design features that add up to a practical, up-scale, modern-looking pair of textile pants."

"Quality is always pretty subjective but it’s one of those things that you know when you see it. From the nice neat stitching to the practical and stylish construction details these pants are very nicely put together. It is especially impressive since this has been a very challenging year for manufacturing. Somehow the Raven Rova team pulled through without losing a step, so kudos to them and their construction team."

"I must say these pants continued to get more comfortable the longer I wore them. The stretch material seemed to break in and conform to my body shape as I was wearing them and by the end of the day I had forgotten I was wearing motorcycle pants."

"The Raven Rova Raven pants are nice looking, detailed, well constructed textile pants. They work wonderful on the bike for all day riding and become more comfortable the longer you wear them. They pair well with the Phoenix jacket or any of the jackets in the Raven Rova line-up. Plus they are easy to clean, are water resistant and have storage room for your phone or keys. These are all-around great pants that look just as good on a cruiser as a sport bike."


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