What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!

What has made you stronger ? I’d love to feature your stories here. Email RavenRovaMoto@gmail.com


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Stand a little taller ….

What doesn’t kill you makes you fighter

Footsteps a little lighter (oh you know who that is....)

Me gusta mi reggae, me gusta punk rock. Pero….damn I love blasting my chic jams as I make curvy ass apparel patterns!  Stevie to Big Mamma to Rhianna and Pink. YAS QUEEN! But I digress...

Bouncing back from another flare-up of my autoimmune condition I see the world is my oyster again. These women’s voices belt out anthems of power and resilience. I remember ALL the flare ups. I’ve lived with ulcerative colitis since I was 15. All those IV needles pumping immunosuppressants into my veins, stabbing my thigh with injections and ingesting steroids...making me weaker and sicker. Shitting your brains out, riding the damn toilet doesn’t exactly make you feel invincible.

It does make you stronger.

This one was pretty mild, probably a 4 on the pain scale. Oh yes, these DO go to 11. Blood, and mucosal membrane linings spewing forth. Gnarly. Anytime I feel the slightest symptoms come on, fear shocks me as I recall the worst. Still I was raised to be tough and always get back on the horse. This time, it was different. I stayed on the horse, I rode through the fatigue. Slowed down. Kept looking ahead.

I had a higher calling. To launch Raven Rova.

It all began about three years ago....

Three years ago I FINALLY achieved my goal to get my M1 license. Growing up on the back of my dad’s bike lit the spark when I was young. Still, I needed to overcome those health hurdles before I could learn to ride. It was monumentous. I was actually dealing with a flare up while taking my MSF course. I was running to the toilet during every break.  

I passed my test! Fuck yeah I did it!

A few months later, I had another bad flare up. Our good friend was also in a crash. He was lucky to be alive. As I watched his recovery, I remembered all my debilitating flare ups. I shared these stories with him freely.  Shedding pain leads to healing. It’s all part of the journey. I will share more with you too. 

Plus, there were deeper changes taking place. A well of confidence was tapped with my motorcycle riding. The deep, shared love with friends and family.

So I healed from that flare up. I realized that honoring, healing my body included buying the best gear I could find. More than one friend had been saved because of their gear, even basic stuff. Growing up in Wisconsin, flip flops and helmet were fine motorcycle-cruise-with-dad attire.  California roads require more. 

Plus, looking bad ass boosts your confidence. After "riding the damn toilet" a double shot of confidence goes a long way. We went shopping. 

So there I was in the fitting room...The Hulk came out!

“I’m a lady damnit! I want to look and feel good in my gear! WTF was this ill fitting, ugly crap ?”  

You can probably relate. I’m a size 12 on the bottom and 6 on top. Meaty thighs and butt. Midwestern farm girl to the core.  A sales rep (a dude) had just handed me a pair of pants about 10 inches too big around my waist. Still, they barely fit my thighs. I was done! 

"I need to flaunt and protect my curves!"


So, as I worked through my rage in that fitting room.

I had an epiphany.

I’m a fashion designer, with 12 years hands on experience.

Making complex and active apparel for curvy, non-model women.

Oh gee, I may be qualified to do this?!?

Meanwhile, I achieved another life goal. To get prescription free! Manage the ulcerative colitis without any prescription drugs. FUCK YEAH. It was really challenging. I did not do it alone. Plus it’s not magic.

I live with an autoimmune condition, sometimes it IS the driver.  Riding has helped me accept that.

Still, throwing cash down on the counter to buy my first motorcycle was more exciting then telling the GI doctor to shove the immunosuppressants!

When I look at the photo of myself the day I bought my Kawi back in 2015 I looked so skinny, like I was recovering from a long illness. Oh wait, I was.

Here we are….June 2018. There’s been a lot of gnarly curves since that "ah ha!" moment. I’m still riding the same Kawasaki...and she’s been reliable through it all! Plus all my human supporters. 

So there’s a choppy version of my story. I’ll share more as we cruise down this road together. 

I’d love to hear your story!  What hasn’t killed you ? What has changed your life ? What has made you stronger ?

Karleen Eberle


Raven LLC

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