Your Stories: Riding Keeps Me Sane with Lori L.

Your Stories: Riding Keeps Me Sane with Lori L.

I'm so excited to share some of Lori's insights on riding with you! She's one of our awesome crowdfunding campaign supporters. Without her help, we wouldn't be here today! Please enjoy. 

Raven Rova: What's your favorite thing about motorcycling ?

Lori: How calm I feel afterward, and the fact that I concentrate and feel so free out on the road. I have no idea how I would have stayed sane for the last nine months if I hadn’t started riding a year and a half ago.

There's that concentrated gaze. She rolled up on her "city bike," Honda CBR600RR, fully dressed for this photo shoot.

RR: What got you into riding ? 

Lori: I always said that when I hit 40 I would get a bike, got to 40 and didn’t feel ready. A couple years later I briefly dated a guy who ate/slept/breathed motorcycles. On our second date when I said I was debating it, he asked me, “what are you waiting for ?” Which planted the seed. I kept asking myself that same question after we stopped dating. So, three months later I finally took the MSF course and bought my first bike two weeks later.

RR: What's the biggest lesson motorcycling has taught you ? 

Lori: I don’t have control over what other people do, I can only control what I do.

Total control and totally cool in her Falcon Set. Show us how it's done girl! 

Raven Rova: What's your riding style ?

Lori: It definitely depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m out to push myself and sometimes I just want to cruise and enjoy the wind.

Dropping off her ballot in style on Halloween in San Francisco. 

 RR: What are your current bikes ?

 Lori: 2018 KLR650 (Kawasaki) and 2009 CBR600RR (Honda)

 RR: Do you have a dream bike ?

 Lori: Nothing specific but I think a cafe racer would be fun. Or a cruiser. I like variety, obviously. 

Dreamy in the mystic Turquoise Phoenix Jacket. Gorgeous! 


After all, variety is the spice of life! I agree with Lori on this. Right now I'm a dual sport devotee...but oh mamma I want to build a Honda chopper one day! She'll be red, of course. 

And now, to leave you with more variety here's one of my favorite motorcycle songs of all time.

We'd dance around the kitchen to this song as kids, my mom would crank this up! And then I moved to Cali to ride motorbikes all year. Well, it's no mystery that I connected with Lori over motorcycles! 

Thank you for reading. Huge thank you to Lori for all her support! 

Happy Holidays! May you find moments of joy, peace and love on and off your groovy little motorbike. 


Raven Rova Gear shown in these photos: 

Falcon Hybrid Pants

Falcon Textile Jacket

Phoenix Leather Jacket in Turquoise 

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