Your Stories: Rocking The Dual Sport with Liza K!

Your Stories: Rocking The Dual Sport with Liza K!

Liza K. was one of the brave women who bought Falcon Pants on our crowdfunding campaign last year.  Show us how to rock the dual sport! 

That's how it's done! 


RR: What’s your favorite thing about motorcycling ?

Liza: My favorite thing about bikes is the freedom I feel when I ride. I ride for me. I love the places I get to see and go. Not many people see them if they only stay on pavement. The people I have met because of my bike have also added to the enjoyment. When you meet like minded people it just adds to the experience. 


RR: What got you into it ?

Liza: I always wanted a bike. But a few years ago my friend convinced me to take his for a ride and that was it. I signed up for a training course and 2 days after the course I bought mine. 

RR: Biggest lesson that motorcycling has taught you ?

Liza: Biggest lesson biking has taught me is we all start someplace. We have to be humble and not expect a perfect ride every time. 

RR: What’s your riding style ? Has it changed since the pandemic broke out ?

Liza: I ride Dual Sport, so on and off road. I ride gravel roads and bush trails. Since the pandemic started it hasn't altered my riding at all because when my friends and I ride we are out of town, on trails and away from the public. There have been a few larger events that have been cancelled that I had planned to go to, but overall riding has been a saving grace to me. I get out, stay active and have been able to keep my small social circle  intact. It helps that we stay more than 6 feet away when we ride anyway.

RR: Current bikes ?

Liza: I currently have a 2013 Honda CRF250L as my main bike. 

RR: Do you have a dream bike ? 

Liza: My dream bike would either be a Husqvarna or Beta dual sport.


That looks pretty dreamy! 

Thank you Liza for sharing your photos, story, and love of riding! 


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