Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket
Falcon Textile Jacket

Falcon Textile Jacket

Regular price $271.00

Women's Textile Motorcycle Jacket. Silver and white cordura with Kevlar stretch panels. 

Pre-Order Only. Please allow 6-8 weeks.  We are taking orders as of August 5, 2020. 

  • 600 Denier Cordura 
  • Keprotech DuPont Kevlar stretch panels (the black fabric) 
  • Detachable quilted thermal liner for all season riding 
  • Interchangeable CE level 1 armor 
  • Comes with CE-1 back protector, shoulder, and knee armor 
  • Internal velcro pockets for armor 
  • Air flow athletic mesh lining
  • Ventilated, 2 zippered vents 
  • Accordion panels at the shoulder for maximum movement 
  • Accordion panels and velcro tabs at the side waist 
  • Adjustable waistband tabs with velcro to customize your fit 
  • Two zippered pockets 
  • Internal phone pocket 
  • Metal hardware 
  • Universal YKK Metal Zippers
  • Zips to all Raven Rova pants 
  • Comes with both sides of the zipper 

Pair with the Falcon Pants for a flawless set! 

General Organa Would Approve

Would it help if I got out and pushed ? It might. Oh heck yeah this is 100% inspired by Leia Organa. The Falcon textile jacket is light and airy for summer, plus I included a detachable thermal quilted liner for extending your season. Hopefully your  tauntaun doesn't freeze...or overheat! The Falcon Jacket is stocked with protective gear. CE armor including back protector, elbow, and shoulder pads. YKK metal zippers with an antique gold finish. Two zippered pockets, two zipper vents, and zipper sleeve cuffs with snaps. I included svelte princess lines to make room for your feminine features, AKA boobs. What's a princess inspired jacket without princess seams ? Kevlar stretch panels in the sleeves. Stretch function panels at the shoulders, for maximum range of motion. Combined with airy 600D cordura, I feel like I'm rolling into Cloud City wearing the Falcon! Zips to all Raven Rova pants with a YKK zipper at the waist.  I especially love the wearing the Falcon pants and jacket for adventure days! Check out the Falcon Pants which have 1-2-3-4, yes four pockets! 

Do they come in black ? Not at this time. Try our Raven Pants if black is your go to color. 



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Size Natural WaistFull HipHigh Hip/WaistbandRiseAcross ShoulderBust115.630.511729.811229.210828.6104.22897.826.7100.427.3127.231.2465.895.3852646 11 3/44411 1/242633 1/248 125012 1/442 1/211 1/4411137 1/210 1/439 1/210 3/438 1/210 1/222 39 1/25248 1/2 12 1/2CM (Metric)181139011316108851081410379.8102.9129976991095.272.295.2689 65.888.8891.468.491.420118123.295118.2 635263583626 3/436123930391037 1/228 1/237 1/222 100132.3123.3 32Size Natural WaistFull HipRiseAcross ShoulderBustSize Natural WaistFull HipRiseAcross ShoulderBust1844 1/235 3/844 1/21642 1/233 3/842 1/21440 1/231 1/240 1/22046 1/237 3/846 1/2 Inches (Imperial)37.838.439404186.44243.244.545.8473414 7/815 1/816 1/815 3/415 3/816 1/21718 1/21817 1/248 1/2Size Natural WaistFull HipHigh Hip/WaistbandHigh Hip/WaistbandHigh Hip/WaistbandRiseAcross ShoulderBust
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Why choose us?

By Women, For Women

Designed exclusively for female anatomy. We've developed our proprietary sizing by working with women of all sizes, for the past decade.

Road Tested

We ride in our gear. I've crashed, slide, and stood up to walk away. We're backed by thirty years of expertise. I trust our CE gear with my life.

Gear That Fits

Butts, boobs, hips. You got 'em, we love 'em.

Gear that fits protects. It caresses your joints and critical areas during impact and slide. 

Flawless Style

CE Protection

We use Leather, Cordura, and Kevlar materials. Comes with CE-1 rated armor. Interchangeable and adjustable with internal velcro pockets. Lined with antimicrobial mesh.