Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants
Falcon Textile & Leather Pants

Falcon Textile & Leather Pants

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Textile & Leather Adventure Pants

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The Best Seller of our crowdfunding campaign! Basically I've designed the hyperdrive of motorcycle pants. I am so happy to share these ultra functional, sexy ass pants with you. 


  • 500 denier Cordura with leather panels 
  • Interchangeable armor pockets at knee and hip 
  • Comes with CE-2 knee armor
  • YKK metal zippers 
  • 4 Pockets! 2 cargo with metal snaps & 2 zipper pockets 
  • Designed for an active riding style 


Do you know what I love about pants ? 

Pockets & agility. I designed the Falcon Pants with four pockets. Two zippered pockets at the hip and two cargo pockets, with metal snaps on the thighs. I love tossing the essentials in my pockets then and cruising to the beach or my favorite tree lined twisty!

Agility is a big deal to me. I like to move my hips and legs freely. So, I engineered stretch panels into the inner thighs. Plus, accordion stretch function panels at the waist, back and knees. Adjustable velcro tabs at the waist for custom fit. You're welcome.

The Falcon pants keep it real chill. They're lined with athletic mesh and have zippered vents. Perforated leather mesh on the abdomen and inner thigh keep the air moving as you're grooving. 

I didn't skimp on protection. Comes with CE armor at the knees, and pockets for CE armor at the hips. The pants are constructed from 500 D cordura. Got low pipes ? No problem. I lined the inner shin with leather. It won't melt or tear. Boot zippers for easy access.


  • Interchangeable armor pockets 
  • Adjustable velcro tabs and accordion panels at the waist to customize your fit 
  • Perforated leather panel provides ventilation 
  • Leather panel on inner shin wraps around the leg to prevent melting
  • Stretch panels on the inner thigh for maximum movement 
  • Accordion panels at knees for more flexibility 


  • Antimicrobial athletic mesh lining 
  • Two zipper vents
  • Boot Zippers
  • Metal hardware
  • Zips to all Raven Rova jackets 
  • Comes with both sides of the YKK waistband zipper 
  • Accommodates boots with thick molded plastic shin guards
  • Knee armor pocket is 24 CM (9 1/2") long by 15 CM (6") wide

Pair with the The Falcon Jacket. 

Try the chic Moonstone Phoenix Jacket if you love leather. 


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Size Natural WaistFull HipHigh Hip/WaistbandRiseAcross ShoulderBust115.630.511729.811229.210828.6104.22897.826.7100.427.3127.231.2465.895.3852646 11 3/44411 1/242633 1/248 125012 1/442 1/211 1/4411137 1/210 1/439 1/210 3/438 1/210 1/222 39 1/25248 1/2 12 1/2CM (Metric)181139011316108851081410379.8102.9129976991095.272.295.2689 65.888.8891.468.491.420118123.295118.2 635263583626 3/436123930391037 1/228 1/237 1/222 100132.3123.3 32Size Natural WaistFull HipRiseAcross ShoulderBustSize Natural WaistFull HipRiseAcross ShoulderBust1844 1/235 3/844 1/21642 1/233 3/842 1/21440 1/231 1/240 1/22046 1/237 3/846 1/2 Inches (Imperial)37.838.439404186.44243.244.545.8473414 7/815 1/816 1/815 3/415 3/816 1/21718 1/21817 1/248 1/2Size Natural WaistFull HipHigh Hip/WaistbandHigh Hip/WaistbandHigh Hip/WaistbandRiseAcross ShoulderBust
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By Women, For Women

Designed exclusively for female anatomy. We've developed our proprietary sizing by working with women of all sizes, for the past decade.

Road Tested

We ride in our gear. I've crashed, slide, and stood up to walk away. We're backed by thirty years of expertise. I trust our CE gear with my life.

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Butts, boobs, hips. You got 'em, we love 'em.

Gear that fits protects. It caresses your joints and critical areas during impact and slide. 

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CE Protection

We use Leather, Cordura, and Kevlar materials. Comes with CE-1 rated armor. Interchangeable and adjustable with internal velcro pockets. Lined with antimicrobial mesh.